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If you are thinking about getting a puppy or a dog, then no doubt you have done some research about the best way to train them to make sure they are going to be a wonderful addition to your home. You only need to do a little research to know that dog kennels are the best, more successful way to have your puppy trained in a matter of days. The reason teaching your dog to behave in a kennel is effective is because when your puppy is in a kennel, he is less likely to get into something he should not elsewhere in the house. dog kennel. dog kennel. Many puppies die because they eat something that is poisonous in their first year. Kenneling can keep your dog safe.

Some people think that dog kennels are cruel or mean. Actually, if you get a kennel that is the right size for your dog, it will become a safe place that they will look forward to every day. Because dogs started off in caves and dens, the kennel actually speaks to a dog's instincts to want to be tucked away comfortably in a small space. How do you choose the right size dog kennel? The rule of thumb is that you want the kennel to be big enough to allow the dog to stand and turn around to eat. You don't want to get a kennel that is too big because then your dog might have anxiety. Dogs tend to have an easier time relaxing when they have just enough room to stand.

When you finally do decide on the right dog kennel, you then need to get a few accessories to put inside of it. If you have a puppy, in order to combat separation anxiety, put a blanket or towel in the kennel that smells like you. Since dogs rely very heavily on scent, this will remind them of you and they will be comforted. In addition, when you first start introducing your dog to the kennel, take your time.

You should not leave your dog alone in the kennel for many hours at first. You must gradually build to that amount of time. When you are first getting your dog used to the kennel, it should only be supervised short durations of time. If your dog begins to bark or whine, redirect the dog's attention and correct it. Only let them out of the kennel after they have stopped barking or whining. If you let them out when they are whining or barking, you are creating a bad habit for them.

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